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Atlanta, GA


A little learning goes a long way. 
For better communication and use of technology you have, I can make learning interesting, pertinent, and fun!


A bit about

It is a pleasure learning from Garth. He is the rare combination of technical expert and entertaining instructor. He has a way of teaching technical information to those of us who are not technical. Garth is both knowledgeable and personable. He has a way of making attendees in all his classes feel relaxed and ready to participate.
— Nan Keipper, Philips
This is me... in a tree.

This is me... in a tree.

Everything you need to know...

I am a Midwesterner living in PA by way of Atlanta. When I say Midwesterner, I mean that I was raised with several core understandings:

Work is good.

Helping others is good.

Things should make sense.  

I have been training for nearly 20 years, with a mission to give people the skills to be better communicators.  

Let me know how I can help you!

Garth is a successful communicator and instructor. He has the talent to keep the audience’s attention and deliver understanding, while even having a little fun.
— - Reno M. Borgognoni, CPA
Garth is a highly skilled professional, who is very energized and passionate with training development and delivery. The feedback he receives from his students is always excellent.
— Monica Caras, MD&E Clarity
Garth is a very experienced trainer and engages his audience to ensure understanding.
— Sherry Duncan, Fiserv
Garth is a top notch Trainer. He not only has the energy and creative skills to deliver the training, but he has the ability to create the training from scratch as well. The satisfaction of the people he has trained has always been outstanding, and he is asked for again and again in multiple situations.
— Don Conklin, Pinnacle Custom Signs
Garth has an excellent understanding of training principles. He is quick to understand the technology behind systems and what the user needs to use it.
— Rick Omanson, DePaul University