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Atlanta, GA


A little learning goes a long way. 
For better communication and use of technology you have, I can make learning interesting, pertinent, and fun!


Christine Coley, Vice President of Sales, Medical Doctor Associates

Christine Coley, Vice President of Sales, Medical Doctor Associates

"Garth makes training simultaneously engaging, entertaining and educational. Not an easy task but he pulls it off with grace, freshness and a sense of humor. The training applies to speakers of all experience levels. In sales showing competency to communicate concepts and solutions effectively in front of a group is key to success. I'd recommend Garth's training to anyone in any industry who wants to improve their confidence and effectiveness when leading a talk."

Jim Purvis, Business Initiative Leader, BellSouth Business

Jim Purvis, Business Initiative Leader, BellSouth Business

“Garth provided an invaluable service in developing and delivering CRM sales training live, remote, and pre-recorded during a period of limited travel and tight expense controls. His training development and delivery was always on target and very professional. Garth also worked with us on a project to assess a new and improved common user interface for multiple applications. Through numerous field visits and interviews, his insight and perspective was of high value in creating the business case. I would recommend Garth to any company with technical training needs.”

Nan Keipper, Account Manager, Philips

Nan Keipper, Account Manager, Philips

“It is a pleasure learning from Garth. He is the rare combination of technical expert and entertaining instructor. He has a way of teaching technical information to those of us who are not technical. Garth is both knowledgeable and personable. He has a way of making attendees in all his classes feel relaxed and ready to participate.”  

Judy Faber,  HR Generalist, Datum Software

Judy Faber, HR Generalist, Datum Software

Silvio Santana   Associate Director/Service Deliver Mgr. at EY

Silvio Santana
Associate Director/Service Deliver Mgr. at EY


Garth created and presented the technical training and I was one of many who benefited. What was challenging for those of us non-technical folks, he made understandable, engaging and enjoyable. His sense of humor made you want to learn. He offered a challenge to open our views to the "other side" of things then what we knew. I highly recommend him.

Garth is an absolute pleasure to work with. I first worked with Garth when he was a trainer with MDA and I was impressed by his dedication and ability to learn quickly. I also liked that Garth had taught himself SharePoint and when I had an opening for a SharePoint administrator he was my first thought. Garth worked with me to get SharePoint online implemented for Cross Country Healthcare which enabled us to retire several old SharePoint servers. Garth also worked with the site owners from the business to ensure that they knew how to perform their tasks to keep our internal site up to date and relevant. This is just one example that show cases Garth's ability to manage a project, build good customer relationships, ensure requirements are met and train the end users. Garth would be a wonderful addition to any team.

Garth is a highly skilled Technical Trainer. He is very adept in organizational development, and content selection. I think that his on-the-job experience has afforded him a well-rounded skill set, including first-rate presentation and communication skills, In the years I worked with Garth I found him to excel at Curriculum Development and Instructional Material Creation.

In addition to his experience I found Garth to be a very amiable and approachable individual.